Drain Lining

Re-lining will usually take place after a CCTV survey inspection, this is a way of  fitting a protective layer inside your drains, it forms a reinforced layer that will protect against cracks and other damage. It’s a non invasive, ‘NO DIG’ method of fixing and reinforcing your drain system.

Envirojet Drain Patch Lining - No Dig Technology

Envirojet install Pipe Aid patch lining products for the permanent and water tight repair of damaged pipes due to corrosion, cracks and infiltration irrespective of age and pipe material, without the need for disruptive excavation work.

This is a  WRc Approved system and is suitable for repairs on a straight and radial (90 degree bends) sections of pipe, of between 70mm and 300mm internal diameter

We slso use Renoline Products, the leading and most experienced company for drain lining consumables and installation equipment.

What is Renoline?

The Renoline system is a proven and established method of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe without excavation and with minimal disruption. The new pipe materials will be of superior quality and strength to the pipe it lines. The Renoline pipe is manufactured from a special dense impermeable felt and is designed and tailored to fit exactly the internal dimensions of the pipe to be refurbished.

Renoline is suitable for sewers, culverts, vertical rain water and down pipes, it can also be used to seal tanks, chambers, manholes and more.

The advantages of Renoline
  • Capable of repairing and curing leaking and open joints, root intrusions, cracks and all other pipe failures.
  • Renoline is a permanent solution.
  • The system will guarantee improved flow characteristics.
  • Any cross-sectional loss is adequately compensated by increased flow efficiency.
  • The renoline process is accepted by local authorities, loss adjusters, surveyors, civil engineers and architects.
  • Continual lengths of up to 50 metres can be installed in one length.
  • The materials are extremely strong and hard wearing, abrasive resistant and do not relay on existing structures for integrity.
  • Refurbishments will be ready for use within hours in installation.
  • 75% savings have been achieved by Renoline over conventional methods.
  • Installations are fully guaranteed.

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